Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Goblin Chronicles Cometh from Ape Entertainment in February!

'Tis Not Easy Being Green!

Hi, folks. I'm Troy Dye, co-creator/writer of the forthcoming Goblin Chronicles comic book from Ape Entertainment. I just wanted to tell you a little about our book.

Here’s the short description:
In the vein of Shrek meets Lord of the Rings. It’s a three-issue miniseries, in full color, and will be released monthly (February – April).

Here’s the long description:
The Goblin Chronicles is a fun-filled all-ages tale that follows the adventures of a young goblin -- and his three reluctant allies -- on their quest to save their world from the evil Dark Queen.

What chance do four bickering brats have against an immensely powerful sorceress? Not much, but with a little trust, teamwork and courage, anything is possible. Step into a world of magic, monster and mayhem--where goblins, trolls, elves and shape shifters rule the land.

Issue #1 is now available for pre-order! Just head down to your local comic shop and be one of the first people to receive your copy when it arrives in stores in February 2008.

There are two covers to choose from:

Click image for larger view
goblin chonicles comic book cover A
by Jack Lawrence
(Lions, Tigers & Bears)
Order code: DEC07-3378
Click image for larger view
goblin chonicles comic book cover B
by interior artists
Fogel & Terrell (Gargoyles)
order code: DEC07-3379

Also, don't miss the Goblin Chronicles trailer:

Created & Written by Troy Dye & Tom Kelesides
Art by Collin Fogel
Colors by Will Terrell
Letters by David Hedgecock
Edited by Kevin Freeman

Also, here's our first interview with newseed comics.

Thanks ... and stay green!