Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 08 Previews

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the November 2008 PREVIEWS catalog!

Scarlet Veronica #4 - Monsters, Demons, Zombies, oh my! Hell has been ripped open and Raimiesville is the epicentre. Veronica and her friends must fight through the hordes of zombies, only to face the true source of evil… RA. Can Veronica save Raimiesville, and the world from this apocalyptic end?!

Sista Samurai #11 - She’s smart, beautiful, deadly…and SUPER BAD! Who is this super-model by day and ninja by night that has become the scourge of the Japanese underworld?

The Wind Raider #1 - In a post-apocalyptic wasteland a heroic loner emerges to battle the evil that has spread across a windswept world dominated by swift land sailors and marauding desert pirates. Michael David (Director of “Shoot em’ up”) calls “The Wind Raider” “sweeping science fiction…part Road Warrior, part Star Wars, part Moebius.”

Scarlet Veronica 4 (of 4) - NOV08 3762
Sista Samurai 1 - NOV08 3763 cover A - NOV08 3764 cover B
The Wind Raider 1 - NOV08 3765 cover A - NOV08 3766 cover B
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to Super Human Resources

Update! Check out our new trailer here.

We have a new comic coming out from the very awesome Ape Entertainment. It's called Super Human Resources. It's about a temp joining the HR department of the world's greatest super team. 

Anywho, head our over to our site and give a looksie to our preview pages in "Office Orientation." Love to know what you think.

And check out our review at Newsarama here. "This might be the funniest comic book Man has ever produced." Not bad for our first time out.

Most of all,  remember to tell your favorite comic book store to order Super Human Resources in the Dec Previews. And you will know awesomeness.  Thanks for your support!