Sunday, December 28, 2008

January 09 Previews

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the January 2009 PREVIEWS catalog!

Super Human Resources 2 - “This might be the funniest comic book Man has ever produced." - Jeff Marsick, Newsarama-Best Shots. Tim must track down missing purchase orders from the dark, mysterious Wombat. Manboto 3.4 woos Sarah in payroll…poorly. And Zombor has a flesh-starved zombie rampage. Apparently, he doesn't handle surprise birthday parties particularly well.

The Wind Raider 3 - In a dangerous and unforgiving world Overload Dagon prepares an evil force that will alter the wasteland forever. The only chance of stopping him is young Joshua, who is given the gift of life after death…and the power over the wind that dominates the land. But getting his mysterious mentor, Tristan, the Wind Raider, to train him as a Ki Warrior will prove to be a challenge. Tristan’s sole purpose in living is to reconcile his haunted past with an act of revenge.

Super Human Resources 2 (of 4) JAN09 3975
Wind Raider 3 (of 3) cover A - JAN09 3976
Wind Raider 3 (of 3) cover B - JAN09 3977
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Black Coat/Athena Voltaire One-Shot Preview Pages!

You've seen how the cover came about, now let's take a look at the guts of the book—some of 'em anyway...

Here's how the Athena Voltaire story kicks off.

The book is available for preorder now! Cover price of $2 and available with your choice of cover:

Black Coat cover: DEC083747
Athena Voltaire cover:


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Evolution of a Cover, part 3

The next step in the project—Jason Millet adds his brilliant colors to the piece!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Evolution of a Cover, part 2

Updating the pencils that I posted the yesterday, here are the inks from the Athena Voltaire/Black Coat Special.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Evolution of a Cover, part 1

It all started with the idea of doing a flip book.

Last Summer, I had been pestering Head Apes Brent Erwin and David Hedgecock about the Athena Voltaire relaunch and wanted to do an entry-level book; something inexpensive to remind longtime readers that AV wasn't gone, and to introduce the book to new readers.

It turns out that Black Coat mastermind Ben Lichius was thinking similar thoughts for everyone's favorite Revolutionary War super-spy.

While tearing down the Ape display at Comic-Con, David offhandedly remarked "You and Ben should do some kind of flip book crossover." And that was pretty much it.

In researching the concept further, we learned that Diamond would only include one cover in the catalog. So much for the idea of a flipbook, right? Since the book is an introduction to both universes, and since we're producing it at a loss, we opted to rethink our cover strategy. After all, how well does it serve both series if only one of them gets a picture in the Previews catalog?

The solution we went with was the multiple covers making up one larger image. Shown here are a concept sketch by Ben and a penciled version of that sketch by me.

More tomorrow...


Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 08 Previews

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the December 2008 PREVIEWS catalog!

The Athena Voltaire and Black Coat Special - Two Pulptastic Heroes. Two Complete Stories. Two Centuries. Two Dollars.
Find out what a Revolutionary-era Crusader and 1930's Aviatrix have in common, besides their status as two of Ape's most exciting heroes. An adventure spanning two centuries: from the Black Coat facing down a pirate attack to Athena Voltaire encountering the horrifying consequences of the treasure they sought. The two variant covers by Eisner-award nominee Steve Bryant combine to form a poster image. A crossover 150 years in the making!

Sista Samurai 2 - Sista Samurai is set up for stealing the Golden Dragon and becomes Tokyo’s public enemy number one!  Meanwhile, the mysterious JADE MASK has made his move against the other Yakuza organizations. How can a fashion super-model have it so bad?  It all happens here!

Super Human Resources 1 - If you ever had a job, Super Human Resources is FUNNY. If you ever liked superheroes, Super Human Resources is VERY FUNNY." Joe Kelly (Spider-Man, JLA, Deadpool.) Tim joins the HR department of the world's greatest super team. Hope he survives the experience!! Because, um, he might not. Just saying.

The Wind Raider 2 - A deadly destiny collides with the mythological past in a windswept world dominated by evil. Catch the exciting action as the Ki Warrior, Tristan, tries to extract revenge from the Overlord Dagon. And witness the death…and rebirth of Joshua as he becomes the next…Wind Raider! Gabe Hardman, Hollywood story board artist for such theatrical franchises as “Spiderman” and “The X-men,” has created a visual masterpiece of SF-Fantasy. Remember – when you control the Wind…you control the future.

The Athena Voltaire and Black Coat Special cover A - DEC08 3747
The Athena Voltaire and Black Coat Special cover B - DEC08 3748
Sista Samurai 2 (of 3) - DEC08 3749
Super Human Resources 1 (of 4) cover A - DEC08 3752
Super Human Resources 1 (of 4) cover B - DEC08 3753
Wind Raider 2 (of 3) cover A - DEC08 3750
Wind Raider 2 (of 3) cover B - DEC08 3751
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