Monday, June 7, 2010

June 2010 Previews Catalogue

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the June 2010 PREVIEWS catalog!

LITTLE GREEN MEN GN - (W/A) Jay Fosgitt Three alien misfits on a mission to conquer Earth discover the hard way that humanity isn't all that humane. Arriving on our globe of green and blue only to learn that they're a mere three inches tall, the trio of interplanetary outcasts prove that size really doesn't matter after all, and that regardless of the setback, the mission must go on as scheduled. Conquering the Earth a little bit at a time!

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR #2 (OF 4) - (W) David Server, Jackson Lanzing (A) Antonio Campo Stranded in Brazil, Skipper enlists the help of some unusual locales, including a snake named Jose who is anything but, in order to reunite his dispersed team of penguin paratroopers, but will the mission diversion keep them from completing their original objective of returning Mia, the duck-billed platypus, to her native home of Australia?

SCRATCH 9 #1 (OF 4) - (W) Rob M. Worley (A) Jason T. Kruse Have you seen this cat? Because he is awesome! Scratch has the ability to summon any of his nine lives. Now he must use his new powers to save his pet friends from the C.R.U.E.L. Corporation's robot minions. Good thing his first life was as a sabretooth tiger!

SHREK 4 (OF 4) - (W) Scott Shaw (A) Christine Larsen In the spirit of Gulliver's Travels, Shrek and friends are shipwrecked on a mysterious island home to a miniature kingdom of miniature people, only to find themselves dropped in the middle of an ancient war. Can the jolly green ogre bring peace to the two civilizations, and a great mystery of antiquity is answered - Does gingerbread float?

Give your local comic shoppe these handy order codes to make their lives easy!

SCRATCH 9 1 (OF 4) JUN10 0739
SHREK 4 (OF 4) JUN10 0737