Saturday, August 30, 2008

September 08 Previews

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the September 2008 PREVIEWS catalog!

The Goblin Chronicles Volume 1 TPB - An all-ages fantasy adventure in the vein of Shrek meets The Lord of the Rings. Magic, monsters, and mayhem lead four young heroes on a quest to stop the evil Dark Queen. Collects the entire miniseries, two prequel stories, and cover gallery featuring Jack Lawrence, Tim Seeley and Joe Suitor.

Heresy #3 - Beyond any human justice, Besilov is hunted by his own kind and swears vengeance on the blood traitors who would put him back in chains. Investigating the most lethal case of his career and dangerously distracted by his cousin's disappearance, Baker searches for answers, not knowing it's already too late.

Scarlet Veronica #2 - For Veronica, DEATH was just the beginning. Now she faces an army of the undead, including a ghastly grim reaper, a sadistic St. Nick, and a GIANT freakin' zombie with road rage! This Christmas put SCARLET VERONICA on your naughty list.

Sista Samurai #0- Keiko Bernard is the world’s premiere supermodel, one of the beautiful people. But she also has a dark side… Taken in by a secret society of notorious ninjas and trained to be one of their own she now yearns for revenge upon those who destroyed her family and ripped away the only chance of happiness she ever had. Little does the world know that Keiko, the super-model and sinner, is also the crime fighting scourge of the Japanese underworld known as…SISTA SAMURAI.

The Goblin Chronicles Volume 1 TPB - SEP08 3716
Heresy #3 (of 4) - SEP08 3717
Scarlet Veronica #2 (of 4) - SEP08 3718
Sista Samurai #0 - SEP08 3719
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 08 Previews

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the August 2008 PREVIEWS catalog!
This month we get you, our loyal readers, ready for that fun-filled, costume parading, ghoul-filled day we all know and love- Halloween!

First up: Attack of the Monstrology! The new anthology from some of the industry's most amazing new talent! AOTM is our love-letter to all those B-Monster movies you loved watching back in the day and a perfect way to get you into the holiday spirit!

Next, the creep factor climbs for our cop, Matt Baker, as the grisly murder cases he's trying to solve take a strange and unexpected turn in- Heresy #2!

Then, sit down and strap in for the action-packed thrill ride of the Halloween season! Horror has a new hero and her name is Scarlet Veronica! (Make sure you ask your local comic shoppe how to get the SV #1 alternate cover by Sullengrey artist- Drew Rausch!)

Finally, Ape Entertainment celebrates the first season of the incredibly successful TEDDY SCARES graphic novels with the season ending collector's box set! 4 sets in all, each includes a beautiful slipcase and the all new Teddy Scares Volume 5 finale!

Attack of the Monstrology! - AUG08 3731
Heresy #2 (of 4) - AUG08 3732
Scarlet Veronica #1 (of 4) - AUG08 3733
Teddy Scares Box Set A - AUG08 3735
-Regular edition set.
Teddy Scares Box Set B - AUG08 3736
-Alternate edition set (alternate covers of the first 4 issues never offered before!).
Teddy Scares Box Set C - AUG08 3737
-Just the slipcase and volume 5 set!
Teddy Scares Box Set D - AUG08 3738
-Mini-figure set, includes a mini-bear!
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