Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 2010 Previews

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the March 2010 PREVIEWS catalog!

MECHA-NATION #2 (OF 3) - (W) Greg Weisman, Vic Cook, Greg Guler (A) Antonio Campo Kevin, Ray and Zehra haven't metalled out in days. Can they hold on, or will they turn into Mecha-Sapien - and reveal their secret identities - right in front of their newest arch-enemy, Mr. Gear?

SHREK 1 (OF 4) - (W) Arie Kaplan, Scott Shaw (A) Various Shrek and Donkey are constantly fighting over the toy surprises in the cereal box. Thanks to a contest and buying the millionth box of 'Ye Olde Crunchypants Cereal,' Shrek and Donkey are off to visit the Cereal Factory - let the adventure begin! This issue also features a special 4-page back-up story by comic book legend Scott Shaw!

Give your local comic shoppe these handy order codes to make their lives easy!

MECHA-NATION #2 (OF 3) MAR10 0696
SHREK #1 (OF 4) MAR10 0695

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