Friday, August 13, 2010

August 2010 Previews Catalogue

New Ape Entertainment product is now available for order in the August 2010 PREVIEWS catalog!

MEGAMIND MOVIE PREQUEL TP - Various The brilliant and diabolical super-villain Megamind has been attempting to conquer the planet for 20 years. But each time, he's been thwarted by the immortal caped superhero, Immortal - that is, until Megamind accidentally kills him! Megamind suddenly finds himself without a foe. And what's the point of a dastardly plan if there's no one to fight? The despondent evil genius creates a new superhero, Titan, to fill the void left by Immortal's demise, but when Titan begins to wage his own destructive war aimed at destroying the world, Megamind must make a decision: Can he defeat his own diabolical creation? See how it all began in the comic book prequel to the latest DreamWorks Animation hit!

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR #4 (OF 4) - David Server, Jackson Lanzing (A) Antonio Campo After abandoning ship and swimming the remainder of the way to Australia, Skipper and his recruits learn that a human-built irrigation system has placed Mia's platypus eggs in danger, prompting them to attempt to dismantle the elaborate contraption, but will Operation: Irrigation Confrontation be enough to keep the un-hatchlings safe?

POCKET GOD #2 - (W) Jason M. Burns (A) Rolondo Mallada Stalked by a laser-wielding shark and ravaged by a rogue wave, the islanders are washed up on the shore of a strange landmass, only to discover that when they die, they die for good. Now without their self-appointed leader, Ooga must step up to take control of the group, but will his intervention be enough to save the tribe?

SCRATCH 9 #3 (OF 4) - (W) Rob M. Worley (A) Jason T. Kruse Scratch is deep in the heart of C.R.U.E.L. HQ and determined to rescue his pals Marco and Pollo. He'll need the theatricality of Beeslebohm, le bonne chance of D'Argent and the witchcraft of Writh to prevail. But what happens when Scratch's girl Penelope comes face-to-face with Dr. Schrodinger?

SHREK ONCE UPON A SLIME TPB - Various Journeying even further into the storybook world of Shrek, Ape Entertainment presents a series of all-new, all-original tales starring everyone's favorite ogre and his cast of colorful cohorts, including Fiona, Donkey, and Puss. With 50 pages of fun-filled fantasy, this comic book features five stories that promise to leave readers feeling happily ever after. From a camping trip in a haunted forest that goes awry to an at-sea misadventure, Shrek: Once Upon a Slime... features some of the most talented creators in comics today, including Scott Shaw, Arie Kaplan, and Troy Dye.

Give your local comic shoppe these handy order codes to make their lives easy!

POCKET GOD #2 AUG10 0755
SCRATCH 9 3 (OF 4) AUG10 0753